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4Plus - Pollen Resistant Screen

The 4Plus Pollen Screen is an absolute worldwide innovation offering protection against Pollen. The screen is made from an extremely fine and tear resistant high tech thread, which lets in more light and air into your living space. "4Plus" stands for more light, more visibility, more air, and more Pollen Protection. These measurements are in accordance with EN ISO 9237 ( Textiles - Determination of the Permeability of Fabrics to Air).  


How it works?

The effect of Pollen Protection is based on an new special coating technique, special weave and Static Electricity generated by Wind, Heat and Dryness; exactly the same factors that favour Pollen to migrate. The Static Electricity acts like a forcefield, Filtering out Pollen allowing Fresh Air in to your living space.



Cleaning & Maintenance

The thread / weave of the screen are semi bonded, and can separate if aggressive force is used during cleaning or if the screen is not handled with care.  Use a mild pH-neutral  detergent and wipe the screens gently with a microfiber glove and use low pressure water to wash or rinse if needed. If you encounter threads that have separated from each other, simply rub your finger lightly over the area, back and forth,  in a fast motion and the threads will position correctly again.   We recommend cleaning the screens at least once a year, before Pollen Peak Season .


How has the effectiveness been proven ?

The 4Plus Screen was tested in the University hospital Charite in Berlin, Germany. This clinic is specialized in the treatment of allergies, and the only place in Europe where it is possible for pollen to be tested on permeability 24 hours a day.


The measurements of the effectiveness took place in an experimental "pollen room" of ECARF in 2 empty rooms. (picture right) One of the rooms represents outside air that is rich in pollen where a certain amount of pollen has been released with the help of a standardized system. The second room represents the inside space that needed to be protected. Both rooms are connected via window. After releasing the pollen, the amount of those pollen that got into interior room were measured every 8 hours. It has been measured using a Burkard-Pollen trap with an open window and no pollen protection screen as well as with a closed window. These tests has been repeated several times to determine a median. The analysis of the test series happened with experienced pollen analyst recommended by German Pollen Information Service Foundation. 



4Plus is manufactured in Germany In cooperation with a German weaving mill . Since 2008 it conducted its research to significantly facilitate the life of people with Pollen Allergy.



The protective effect of the 4PLUS amounted 86,2% after analysing all test series (median). This means that we achieved an almost completely protection against the tested pollen because only 13,8% of pollen were able to get into the protected area (see graphics right).  Tests were conducted with use of Birch Tree Pollen.



Durchblick4 Pollen Protection Screen receives the ECARF-Quality Seal for allergy-friendly products and services. (ECARF press information)

Berlin, 18.10.2010 – “The transparent screen “4Plus” with Pollen Protection received the ECARF- Quality Seal from the European Centre for Allergy Research foundation for its high effectiveness against Pollen. Installed to a window opening, this novel, high transparent screen almost isn’t noticeable form inside as well as from the outside and it is exceptionally permeable to air. ”The certified material prevents effectively that pollen get into living space while windows are open. Allergic people benefit from being able to air their rooms without having to suffer from a high pollen increase”, explains Prof. Dr. med Torsten Zuberbier, manager of the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). 4Plus Pollen Protection Screen is weather-resistant and shape elastic. Based on scientifically tested criteria, the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation awards the ECARF- Quality Seal for Allergy-Friendly Products and Services. This seal offers allergic persons the opportunity to considerably decrease allergens and proactive agents. The amount of birch-tree pollen passing through is reduced by 4Plus pollen screen by 86.2% compared to standard fiberglass screen. The limited warranty period on the 4Plus screen is three years. (for Material Defects Only)



4 Plus can be used  for Doors and Windows. 


Available Rolls.

70cm W x 50 Meter

90cm W x 50 Meter

120cm W x 50 Meter

160cm W x 50 Meter



Conclusive Report  ( PDF download)





Technical data:  


material:  polyethylene-terephthalate


Screen Mesh width/mm:    1,10

Screen Mesh height/mm:   1,10

Thread size/mm:      0,15

Light permeability:   78,8 %

Air permeability:   12410 (l/m²/s with30 PA)  according to EN ISO 9237, +/- 5% deviation possible.


Pollen reduction:     86.2 percent (tested with birch tree pollen)

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