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Dust Guard

Dust Guard reduces Dust and other air-borne pollutants from enterting your living space. 


How it works?

The special weave of spun polyster acts like a filter and traps dust and other air pollutants  into the fiber of the material.  


Cleaning & Maintenance

Dust guard can be cleaned using  a mild pH-neutral detergent with a soft bristle brush or micro fiber cloth or micro fiber mop and rinsed off with light-medium pressure water.  We recommend cleaning the screens at least twice a year.




How has the effectiveness been proven ?

Dust Guard has been tested in Australian conditions.    Dust Guard has a Hydrophonic Nano Coating, making it more resilient to dust and for easy cleaning 



Dust Guard can be used for Doors, Windows,  Retractable Screens, and an Exernal Solution for any outdoor area . 


Available Rolls.

92cm W x 30 Meter

122cm W x 30 Meter

160cm W x 30 Meter





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