Pollen Guard's Pollen & Dust Resistant Screen- 

Pollen Guard Protection Screen blocks out Pollen, Dust and other air-borne pollutants from your living space. 


How it works?

The special weave of spun polyster acts like a filter and traps pollen, dust and other air pollutants  into the fiber of the material.  


Cleaning & Maintenance

Pollen Guard Screen can be cleaned using  a mild pH-neutral detergent with a soft bristle brush or micro fiber cloth or micro fiber mop and rinsed off with light-medium pressure water.  We recommend cleaning the screens at least twice a year.  Before Pollen Peak Season and After Pollen Peak Season.


How has the effectiveness been proven ?

Pollen Guard was tested in the University hospital Charite in Berlin, Germany. This clinic is specialized in the treatment of allergies, and the only place in Europe where it is possible for pollen to be tested on permeability 24 hours a day.


The measurements of the effectiveness took place in an experimental "pollen room" of ECARF in 2 emty rooms. (picture right) One of the rooms represents outside air that is rich in pollen where a certain amount of pollen has been released with the help of a standardized system. The second room represents the inside space that needed to be protected. Both rooms are connected via window. After releasing the pollen, the amount of those pollen that got into interior room were measured every 8 hours. It has been measured using a Burkard-Pollen trap with an open window and no pollen protection screen as well as with a closed window. These tests has been repeated several times to determine a median. The analysis of the test series happened with experienced pollen analyst.



The protective effect of the Pollen Guard  ® blocks;


99.7% Of Birch Tree Pollen

93.1%   of Stingy Nettle Tree Pollen

90.9% of Ragweed Pollen.   

100% of Grass Pollen


and highly protective against all other Pollen.



Pollen Guard can be used for Doors, Windows,  Retractable Screens, and an Exernal Solution for any outdoor area . 


Available Rolls.

70cm W x 50 Meter

90cm W x 50 Meter

120cm W x 50 Meter

160cm W x 50 Meter


Other Width sizes Available to a max of 2.6 Meters Wide. ( upon request) 


Comes with a 3 Year Limited Waranty. (for Material Defects Only)




Conclusive Report & Product Specifications  ( PDF download)