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3Plus - High Transparent Screen - (Coming Soon)

The 3Plus highly transparent screen has excellent optical properties combined with excellent air flow.  


The inconspicuous black fabric allows a brilliant view to the outside. It consists of an ultra-fine and tear-resistant high-tech thread, which allows an increased light and air flow. Even from the outside is the new 3Plus Screen is barely noticeable. In addition, it is weather resistant and dimensionally elastic. This new innovative insect screen is available exclusively from Pollen Guard.


Overview of advantages:

·         - Superfine high-tech material

·         - Up to142% more air permeability than fiberglass screen

·         - 33% more light permeability in comparison to regular fiberglass screen

·         - Barely noticeable from the inside / outside; Brilliant views.

·         - High tensile strength

·         - Washable (max 30° C pH-neutral)

·         - More resistant to fading due to sunlight.

·         - Less sensitive to pressure and consequently more shape elastic

·         - Quality "Made in Germany"

·         - 3 years limited guarantee.




3Plus can be used for Doors and Windows.


Available Roll Sizes

91cm W x 50 Meter

122cm W x 50 Meter


Cleaning & Maintenance

The thread / weave of the screen are strongly bonded together, but can separate if aggressive force is used during cleaning or if the screen is not handled with care.


Use a mild pH-neutral detergent and wipe the screens gently with a microfiber glove and use low pressure water to wash or rinse if needed. If you encounter threads that have separated from each other, simply rub your finger lightly over the area, back and forth, in a fast motion and the threads will position correctly again.   We recommend cleaning the screens at least once a year.



Technical data:  

material:  polyethylene-terephthalate


Screen Mesh width/mm:    1,10

Screen Mesh height/mm:   1,10

Thread size/mm:      0,15

Light permeability:   78,8 %

Air permeability:   12410 (l/m²/s with30 PA)  according to EN ISO 9237, +/- 5% deviation possible.





* Under normal weather resistance are, to understand weather conditions such as rain, sunshine and wind. Extreme weather fluctuations such as severe hail, hurricane or gale force winds, may damage the screen.

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